Policies & Patient Requirements

Within Physical Therapy has the following policies that all patients should be cognizant of:

Time booked for you as a patient is solely scheduled for you. For this reason, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required if you cannot attend a scheduled appointment. This would apply to all needs to change the scheduled appointment other than family emergencies and illness. Failure to attend a scheduled appointment will result in the full fee of that service being billed to you.

Please note the required 48 hours notice stands irregardless of Stat holidays, weekends, and our work week being Tuesday to Friday. 

Please also note while we strive to provide exemplary customer service, your appointment dates and times are your responsibility. 

Failing to be punctual will only sacrifice what can be accomplished in a treatment session and will absolutely delay your progress. The full service fee will apply as professional time was scheduled solely for you.

As an adult patient, you are required to attend your appointments alone. The best use of your assessment and treatment time (and money!)  will be accomplished this way.  We also require children to be cared for outside of the clinic so as to not interfere with any patient’s experience within the clinic, including yours!

There may be situations where parent/guardian presence is required if capacity to supply informed consent is questioned.

Lynne does not usually provide service to children under the age of 10, however, you can inquire about your particular circumstance to see if treatment may be appropriate.

Patient Etiquette

–  If you are even remotely ill or under-the- weather, reschedule!  Simply give us the notice you can, and we’ll happily reschedule you. We are a health facility and cannot risk contagious illness infecting us or others in the clinic. Besides that, if you’re ill, the effectiveness of your treatment will absolutely be compromised. Just rebook!

– Patients who are new to the clinic or haven’t been in for a follow-up appointment for nearly 6 months require an assessment. Sometimes a new assessment will be required at Lynne’s discretion due to complexity or a significant change in your medical history.  In all of these cases, please submit a new intake form off this site. Please also show up 20 minutes early to do required paperwork

– Patients who haven’t been in for a follow-up for nearly 3 months can book a regular follow-up appointment, however, they must complete update forms prior to their appointment. Please show up 20 minutes early in this case. If you’re resuming treatment for a new concern or due to a flare-up of a prior addressed issue, please plan ahead and schedule a series of 3 follow-up appointments spaced weekly or biweekly. In our initial follow-up we can modify the other 2 booked follow-ups if needed, or if we do not require both follow-ups, we can easily delete one.

– Be on time!  If you are late, your appointment will not be extended in any circumstance. The later you are, the less hands-on treatment time will be available.

– Respect and understand situations may arise where your treatment start time is delayed by a few minutes due to circumstance outside our control. Be patient! We strive to stay on time because we respect your time and commitments as well, but if your session start time is delayed a few (5 at most 10) minutes, you will still get a complete follow-up visit of a max of 50 minutes. Please schedule your appointments accordingly with this in mind.

– Understand sessions are necessary to be maximized at 90 minutes for an assessment and 50 minutes for a follow-up. There is work to do on your file behind the scenes and time is required to properly satisfy these requirements. Avoid lengthy narratives and supplying extraneous information otherwise your hands-on treatment time will be sacrificed. 

– Sessions are meant for you to focus on your one main priority / goal / concern only. More concerns can be addressed in due time. If we consistently run over the 50-minute maximum time slot of a follow-up appointment, you may be required to book longer sessions usually reserved for assessments (with the assessment fee) to avoid scheduling conflicts. Patients depend on us to stay relatively on time.

– Fill out all forms thoroughly! If you don’t, this will sacrifice your hands-on treatment time.

– Bring clothes to change into! And change ahead of your appointment using the available bathroom.

– Value and respect the service Within Physical Therapy offers, and understand if Lynne requires something of you, it is at her discretion to require it and it is ultimately to best serve you. The ISM treatment model requires Lynne not only to honor the model but to require what she needs to carry out the model in order to best serve you.

Rewards Program

Within Physical Therapy has the following rewards program:

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