What to Expect

Upon reviewing your submitted intake form, you will be booked for an initial assessment. Please understand that short notice cancellations are not tolerated and come with financial penalty (see Policies page).

The intake form must be completed before your initial assessment will be booked. Go to  Intake Form  if you wish to complete the  form now.

During the initial assessment, as a patient you will meet with Lynne Brochu (ISM Certified Physical Therapist) and your subjective history will be taken. This is a discussion for Lynne to learn about topics including, but not limited to, your medical history, health problems you have, injuries you’ve sustained, circumstances of the current problem you’re seeking help for, and your goals for treatment.

The objective assessment will then follow. Please bring appropriate clothing.

Your holistic assessment will include cataloguing the shifts or areas of mal-alignment you have throughout your entire body. This occurs in a standing position. Once all of the shifts are noted, your meaningful task will be assessed with the goal of finding the driver for your task.

Patients with limited mobility or who use walking aids (walkers, canes, wheelchairs) are welcome to the clinic. There is an elevator from outside the building to the main floor, and rooms within the clinic are accessible for everyone.

A discussion of assessment findings and your treatment plan will follow.

Initial assessments take a maximum of 90 minutes. The fee for the initial assessment is $210.

All follow-up appointments take a maximum of 50 minutes and are a flat fee of $120.

Cash, e-transfer, or cheque are accepted methods of payment. 

Please note there is a $40 fee for any cheque that does not go through in addition to the cost of the service owed, so please ensure you have adequate funds in your account.

As a patient, you can also ALWAYS expect the following:

  • To be treated with respect
  • To be treated as a valued customer
  • To have your goals be the continual focus
  • To be educated and informed throughout the assessment and treatments including any possible risks tied to a particular intervention
  • To refuse any intervention you are not comfortable with
  • To be supplied with self management and home “exercise” tools
  • To have your booked time solely be spent with Lynne Brochu, ISM Certified Physical Therapist
  • To be in a clean and accessible environment which respects strict sanitation guidelines
  • That a summary letter will be sent to your family Doctor, referral source, and/or to any other health care providers you are seeing for the same problem
  • That all of your information will be kept strictly private and confidential and will not be discussed with anyone except for your family Doctor, referral source, and/or already-involved health care professionals.

Lastly, if you present with a disrespectful attitude or any attitude other than one conducive to healing, you can expect to be promptly permanently discharged!

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